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Question;Question 1.Presidents have inferred prerogative power on the basis of (Points;1);having a party majority in Congress.;their obligation to preserve and protect the Constitution of;the United States.;the ?Necessary and Proper? clause of the United States Constitution.;Abraham Lincoln?s Emancipation Proclamation.;Question 2.Under the Budget Reform and Impoundment Act, the President (Points;1);may defer spending appropriated funds if Congress fails to act;within 45 days of being notified about the deferment.;may never defer spending appropriated funds.;must spend more than what was allocated.;does not need to request approval to defer spending funds.;Question 3.The tendency of Congress to defer to the President in foreign;policy has at times led to (Points: 1);an American dictatorship.;a plebiscitary presidency.;an imperial presidency.;active-positive presidents.;Question 4.The 2000 presidential election is an example of where it is;possible to (Points: 1);win the popular vote but not have a majority vote in the Electoral;College.;become President by losing both the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.;become President without having a recount of ballots.;replace the Electoral College with the principle of one person-one vote.;Question 5.In a Presidential election, the candidate must (Points: 1);win both the popular and;electoral vote.;win the Supreme Court vote.;win a minimum of 270 electoral votes.;win majorities in ? of the states.;Question 6.The authority of agencies in the Executive Branch of government;comes from. (Points: 1);The Constitution;Congressional delegations of authority.;executive prerogative.;executive Branch membership.;Question 7.In the American civil service system, workers are hired on the;basis of (Points: 1);merit.;partisan politics.;loyalty.;test taking ability.;Question 8.A president who appoints a careerist to his cabinet wants (Points;1);an individual who is an expert in a particular subject.;to rely on policy czars in the White House.;an individual who knows his/her way around the Washington establishment.;somebody who will bring with him a political dowry.;Question 9.Which functions are not performed by the;American federal bureaucracy? (Points: 1);Implementation of laws, policies, and programs;Making laws through rule making;Judicial authority through administrative adjudication;Appropriating money;Question 10.Woodrow Wilson argued that administration should be concerned solely;with (Points: 1);electing the right candidate.;the detailed and systematic execution of public law.;ensuring that party bosses get lucrative public works contracts.;making sure that workers support party bosses.


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