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MIS 535 Managerial Application of IT Week 2 Complete




Question;MIS 535 Managerial Applications of information TechnologyWeek 2 DQs Homework and Course ProjectWeek 2 DQ 1Strategic IT (graded)It has been stated that IT provides a competitive edge to organizations. Can you think of a company that uses IT strategically? Perform some research on such a company and discuss its case in this thread. Make sure to use this week's material in your analysis e.g. use Porter value chain or other strategic frameworks.Week 2 DQ 2Twitter Searches for a Business Model (graded)Read the case study, Twitter Searches for a Business Model, and let?s see if we can draw some conclusions.Week 2 Homework and Course ProjectMIS 535 Week 2 Homework 20 Multiple Choice QuestionsMIS 535 Week 2 Project Proposal,The Implementation of a CRM


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