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Question;1. A producer might use a ?pulling policy? rather than a ?pushing policy? if:a). Intermediaries are reluctant to handle a new product.b). Its sales force has been very successful getting wholesalers and retailers to handle its product.c). It has a very limited promotion budget.d). It is offering a very ?high-tech? product to a small product-market.2. When new product ideas are chosen based on ratings and comments from customers, this process is called ______.a). Creative resourcingb). Idea engineeringc). Reaction engineeringd). Crowdsourcing3. The primary purpose of branding is:a). To prevent competitors from stealing product ideas.b). To boost customer satisfaction.c). To identify a product.d). To enhance package design.4.a). The company tries to follow an organized new-product development process?rather than using a faster and more spontaneous, ?race-to-market? approach.b). The managers worry too much about the competition.c). The product fails to offer the custom


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