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Assignment 2 LASA 1 Course Project Task I




Question;Assignment 2;LASA 1: Course Project Task I;? Your;local town is addressing the following issues in its law-making;1.;Should people under 18 be subjected to legal curfews or restricted driving;privileges?;2.;Should libraries be required to install filtering software or otherwise censor;the materials that they provide?;3.;Should insurance companies in your state be required to pay for breast;reconstruction, birth control pills, or Viagra?;4.;Should the use of camera phones be banned in local gymnasiums or other;locations?;As;an active citizen, you ask to research and present to the town's citizens one;of the above issues. The governing body has agreed and asks that your;presentation be specifically designed to show citizens of the community how and;why one of the issues above is controversial and how to be educated consumers;of information regarding this issue. They ask this because the citizens will be;voting on these issues in future elections and the governing body wants its;citizens to be properly educated on these topics.;In;your presentation, make sure you include the following;Remember;you are giving a presentation to an audience that does not know much, if;anything, about your topic.;Explain the;issue, including definitions of common terms involved in the issue and why;this issue is controversial.Identify and;describe three to four different conclusions that are drawn when arguments;related to the issue are made.Summarize the;kinds of evidence typically used for each constructed argument related to;the issue. Be sure to discuss the reasons these kinds of evidence are used;and/or are most effective.Analyze how each;of the different conclusions regarding the topic use particular evidence;to support their claims, paying particular attention to analyzing how the;conclusions rely on different facts, different sources of evidence, or;different reasoning from other conclusions. In other words, explain why;certain groups would use a particular type of evidence while an opposing;group would use a different type of evidence, or how two groups can;represent that same data in two completely different ways.Utilize at least;three different sources and properly cite them throughout the;presentation.


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