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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUES-The meaning or significance that an experience has for us comes from




Question;Multiple Choice;Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the;statement or answers the question.;1. The meaning or significance that an experience has;for us comes from;a.;the actual experience itself;b.;similar kinds of experiences we've had in the past;c.;the symbols we attach to the experience;d.;our physical reaction to the experience;e.;the other people we share the experience with;2. Bart tries to concentrate during a particularly;difficult lecture, but finds that he is more focused on the instructor's unique;dialect and delivery style. This is an example of;a.;noise;b.;feedback;c.;transaction;d.;social diversity;e.;both A and C;3. Which of the models of communication reflects that;way communication can change as a result of what happens between people over;time?;a.;linear;b.;interactive;c.;transactional;d.;all of the models reflect this type of change;e.;none of the models reflect this type of change;4. Textual analysis is an example of which type of;research approach;a.;qualitative;b.;survey;c.;critical;d.;quantitative;e.;historical;5. Gary is conducting an organizational communication;study by using two different methodologies. He is giving the employees a;questionnaire and he is also reviewing the minutes of the company's Board;meetings over the past three years. Gary's research approach is a good example;of;a.;distributive methodology;b.;quantitative research;c.;triangulation;d.;qualitative research;e.;hybrid methodology;6. The study of social and personal importance of;storytelling is the focus of which communication the field?;a.;Organizational Communication Studies;b.;Mass Communication Studies;c.;Performance Studies;d.;Public Communication Studies;e.;Intercultural Communication Studies;7. Don goes to class on Friday but the instructor is;not present. The teaching assistant announces that the instructor is ill and;there will be no class that day. When Don comes to class on Monday, he notices that;students are handing in an assignment to the instructor. He discovers that the;TA told students that even though there was no class Friday, they had a;homework assignment to complete. Don's failure to attend to that part of the;TA's message is an example of;a.;noise interference;b.;biased reception;c.;insular listening;d.;selective perception;e.;assimilation;8. Which of the following is a construct?;a.;your expectation of how a friend will behave;b.;your idea about how you should act in specific situations;with a friend;c.;the person who is the best example a friend to you;d.;how a friend measures up on the dimension of;intelligent-unintelligent;e.;the dictionary definition of friend;9. When you are tired, stressed, or sick, you are;likely to perceive things more negatively than when you are well rested. This;is an example of;a.;expectations;b.;social influences;c.;physiological influences;d.;self-serving bias;e.;attribution;10. Three-year-old Elena calls every adult male;Daddy" because she doesn't yet make cognitive distinctions among;men. This is an example of;a.;a simple cognitive system;b.;a complex cognitive system;c.;certainty vs. provisionalism;d.;focus on abstract constructs;e.;reliance on multiple schemata;11. Catching yourself in the process of self-serving;bias is most likely the result of;a.;inference;b.;lower cognitive complexity;c.;monitoring;d.;scripts;e.;protoypes;12. Nathan laughs when his grandfather describes him as;a "cool cat." "That's how we used to describe someone who is;neat, pleasing, good," his grandfather says. "Not anymore,;Nathan replies. This exchange reminds us that language is;a.;arbitrary;b.;rule bound;c.;totalizing;d.;stereotypical;e.;derivative;13. Institutional facts are the meanings we attach to;brute facts based on;a.;objective decisions;b.;concrete experiences;c.;specific activities;d.;human interpretation;e.;higher levels of abstraction;14. Rachel is surprised when her friend Sarah;consistently interrupts her while she is speaking. Rachel believes her friend;should not continually disrupt her. Rachel's perception of her friend's;behavior is based on a;a.;regulative rule;b.;constitutive rule;c.;stereotype;d.;personal construct;e.;hypothetical thought;15. Suzy is really upset and she feels like throwing a;temper tantrum, even though she's 20 years old. Disregarding the social;inappropriateness of her behavior, Suzy beats a door and then kicks it while in;a public area. In this instance, Suzy's behavior was motivated by which aspect;of herself?;a.;me;b.;I;c.;moral self;d.;cognitive self;e.;abstract self;16. A technique developed by communication scholars to;remind us that our evaluations apply only to specific times and circumstances;refers to which of the following?;a.;indexing;b.;selective perception;c.;temporal differentiation;d.;ambiguity;e.;contextual perception;17. Primary functions of nonverbal behavior include;a.;regulating interaction;b.;establishing content level meanings of communication;c.;supplementing verbal communication;d.;A and C;e.;A, B, and C;18. The study of physical touch is known as;a.;kinesics;b.;olfactics;c.;haptics;d.;proxemics;e.;artifacts;19. When a close friend she hasn't seen in a long time;visits Beth in her dormitory room, Beth closes the door to the hallway, turns;off the radio and shuts the window. By doing so Beth is reducing the;potential____ so she can effectively listen to her friend;a.;environmental distractions;b.;internal obstacles;c.;insular obstacles;d.;regulative distractions;e.;message impediments;20. When Robert says to Nathan that he is having a;difficult time with his girlfriend, Nathan's first response is launch into an;extended description of the problems he is having with his girlfriend. By doing;so, Nathan is engaging in a faulty listening practice known as;a.;disconfirmation;b.;pseudolistening;c.;relational immunity;d.;paraphrasing;e.;monopolizing;21. Meghan is mad at her boyfriend because she suspects;that he went out drinking last night instead of studying. She decides to ask;him how his studying went. When he cannot answer her questions, she will let;him have it. Meghan's strategy is an example of;a.;critical listening;b.;literal listening;c.;selective listening;d.;ambushing;e.;mindfulness;22. Preparing for a geography quiz, Brendan makes up;the nonsensical phrase " No one notices the Queen not liking the pie;as a tool to help him recall the Eastern Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia;Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward;Island. In doing so, Brendan is employing a tool known as;a.;a mindful manager;b.;an organizational grouping;c.;an informational adapter;d.;a mnemonic device;e.;a repetitional gambit;23. The emotional tone of a relationship between people;who are interacting is known as the communication;a.;shape;b.;performance;c.;substance;d.;climate;e.;mood;24. According to the textbook, the most basic form of;interpersonal confirmation is;a.;agreeing with another person;b.;recognizing another person exists;c.;acknowledging what another person feels;d.;acknowledging what another person thinks;e.;C and D;25. Recognizing that people from different cultures;differ in thoughts, actions, and values is known as;a.;cultural diversity;b.;ethnocentrism;c.;provisionalism;d.;cultural absolutism;e.;cultural fanaticism;26. Which of the following statement(s) is (are);accurate about conflict between people in relationships?;a.;conflict indicates a relationship is in deep trouble;b.;conflict is a sign that people are involved and matter to;each other;c.;conflict may be overt or covert;d.;conflict may be managed well or managed poorly;e.;B, C, and D;27. Megahn is annoyed that Holly left the kitchen in a;mess. Meghan then plays the stereo loudly when Holly is trying to sleep. This;is an example of;a.;covert conflict;b.;overt conflict;c.;defensive climate;d.;offensive climate;e.;acknowledgment;28. The openness of a system is;a.;refers to the interconnection of its components;b.;the extent to which the system affects and is affected by;outside factors;c.;the operations of its components in their totality;d.;a result of new elements emerging from the existing parts;of the system;e.;a function of its overall balance;29. The social, symbolic, and material practices of a;social group that shape its members perspectives and communication processes;are known as;a.;understanding;b.;co-cultures;c.;standpoint;d.;ethnocentricism;e.;relativism;30. Which of the communication cultures or co-cultures;below tends to favor competitiveness in interaction, limited emotional;responsiveness, and a focus on accomplishing instrumental goals?;a.;feminine communication culture;b.;masculine communication culture;c.;Asian communication culture;d.;African American communication culture;e.;lesbian communication culture;31. Phil attends a party being held in honor of a;visitor from Great Britain. Phil notices that the visitor doesn't stand very;close to those who are talking to her. Phil doesn't assume that the visitor is;being rude or unfriendly, instead he wonders how personal space preferences in;Great Britain differ from those in the United States. Phil is practicing;a.;resistance;b.;toleration;c.;understanding;d.;respect;e.;participation;32. Specific people such as mothers, fathers, siblings;peers, and other care givers that are significant to us are known as;a.;generalized other;b.;significant other;c.;particular others;d.;overgeneralized other;e.;overbearing other;33. "You are a very smart girl," Beth tells;her daughter. Beth's statement is an example of;a.;indirect definition;b.;direct definition;c.;identity script;d.;self-fulfilling prophesy;e.;anxious/ambivalent;34. The first stage in a romantic relationship is;a.;initial attraction;b.;intensifying stage;c.;revising communication;d.;no interaction;e.;invitational communication;35. In negotiating safer sex with your partner, which;of the following would be considered a more constructive approach?;a.;Without a condom, you could give AIDS.;b.;You just don't care about me!;c.;If you wear a condom, I'll have sex with you.;d.;You need to wear a jacket, dude!;e.;I feel unsafe having unprotected sex.;36. Three or more people who interact over time, depend;on one another, and follow shared rules of conduct to reach a common goal are;known as;a.;group;b.;special group;c.;team;d.;focus group;e.;quality circle;37. A marketing research firm employs a number of;interviewers at the Carousel Mall to gather selected shoppers in a group and;question them on how they feel about a new candy product that may shortly be;introduced. The subjects being questioned are part of a;a.;research group;b.;marketing team;c.;focus group;d.;decision group;e.;product innovator group;38. Next, Shiv says, "That's not how I see it. I;think the research indicates that the market is pretty stable, but there are;new competing products." Shiv's comment is which type of contribution?;a.;task;b.;procedural;c.;climate;d.;egocentric;e.;dynamic;39. Lucinda sighs, "I'm sick of talking about;markets and products. I feel frustrated with the drudgery of this group.;Lucinda's comment is which type of contribution?;a.;task;b.;procedural;c.;climate;d.;egocentric;e.;dynamic;40. On Tara's first day on the job, a co-worker tells;her, "Ryan is a real stickler for rules, so dot every 'i' and cross every;t' for him." The co-worker's comment is an example of a(n);a.;corporate story;b.;collegial story;c.;personal story;d.;interaction ritual;e.;enhancement rite;41. Which of the following would most likely be an;example of a speech designed to persuade?;a.;speaking at a co-worker's retirement party;b.;talking to students about responding to a proposed tuition;increase;c.;talking about one's experiences growing up during the;Great Depression;d.;giving a speech on what it's like to be a professional;athlete;e.;giving a lecture about touring the Athenian ruins;42. What a speaker exactly wants to accomplish with the;audience is;a.;a thesis statement;b.;a specific purpose;c.;a mind map;d.;a presentation topic;e.;none of the above;43. Communication anxiety;a.;improves communication;b.;is natural;c.;is experienced primarily by novice speakers;d.;is experienced by public figures;e.;all of the above;44. Four methods of reducing communication apprehension;include;a.;daydreaming, systematic desensitization, cognitive;restructuring, skills training;b.;positive visualization, cognitive restructuring;systematic desensitization, skills training;c.;negative visualization, cognitive restructuring;systematic desensitization, skills training;d.;cognitive complexity, positive visualization, systematic;desensitization, skills training;e.;cognitive restructuring, negative visualization;daydreaming, skills training;45. Which of the following is true about mass;communication today?;a.;It is a major source of information, companionship and;entertainment.;b.;It presents a view on human beings, events and cultural;life.;c.;It favors some viewpoints while muting others.;d.;A and B;e.;all of the above;46. Consumers select mass communication to gratify;themselves and their desires. This view of how mass communication operates;represents;a.;cultivation theory;b.;critical theory;c.;uses and gratification;d.;agenda setting theory;e.;agency theory;47. The idea that television creates homogenized and;stable portrayals of society is called;a.;mainstreaming;b.;high resonance;c.;cultivation;d.;gatekeeping;e.;agenda setting;48. The idea that the world is a dangerous place;filled with mean and dangerous people who want to harm us is called;a.;truth;b.;the mean world syndrome;c.;critical theory;d.;mystification;e.;elitism;49. An disadvantage of written communication is that;it;a.;leaves a paper trail;b.;requires time to prepare;c.;requires precision;d.;A and C;e.;B and C;50. The ability to conduct meetings while being;geographically separated is known as;a.;teleconferencing;b.;multitasking;c.;interconnection;d.;convergence;e.;virtual reality


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