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MIS 535 Week 7 Final Exam-(TCO A)Which of the following objectives best describes the business strategy behind




Question;MIS 535 Week 7 Final Exam;Set 1;(TCO;A)Which of the following objectives best describes the business;strategy behind the development of smart grid initiatives by power;companies, as discussed in the chapter case? (Points: 4);(TCO;B) Which of the following describes how the Simon framework of;decision making works in high-velocity decision environments? (Points: 5);(TCO;C) A field identified in a table as holding the unique identifier;of the table's records is called the (Points: 4);(TCO;D) Which of the following is not a characteristic of packet;switching? (Points: 4);(TCO;E) Which of the following is not one of the current software;platform trends? (Points: 5);(TCOF)Characteristics;of agile methodologies are (Points: 4);(TCO;G) The introduction of new information technology has a (Points;4);(TCO;A) What is the connection between organizations, information;systems, and business processes? (Points: 25);(TCO;B) You are an analyst for a firm that imports and distributes;specialty oils and vinegars, and your company wants you to evaluate its;options for taking advantage of cutting-edge business analytics. What are;its choices? What will you recommend? (Points: 25);(TCO;C) List and describe three main capabilities or tools of a DBMS.;(Points: 25);(TCO;D)Describe and explain the idea of network neutrality. Are you in;favor of network neutrality? Why or why not? (Points: 25);(TCO;E) Identify and describe five or more of the current trends in;contemporary software platforms. (Points: 25);(TCO;F) What is outsourcing? Describe the advantages and disadvantages;to outsourcing software development. (Points: 20);(TCO;G) What are the security challenges faced by wireless networks?;(Points: 25)


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