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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;86) Which person or group is not an;employee of the corporation?;A) A member of the audit committee;B) The treasurer;C) The VP of manufacturing;D) The CFO;87) Which person is hired directly by the;board of directors to manage the daily operations of the company?;A) The CFO;B) The Treasurer;C) The COO;D) The CEO;88) According to the textbook, managerial;accountants often work on;A) cross-functional teams.;B) workgroups.;C) audit teams.;D) multi-functional teams.;89) A company's Board of Directors meets;A) quarterly.;B) periodically, as needs dictate.;C) monthly.;D) annually.;90) Companies listed on the New York Stock;Exchange (NYSE) are required to have an internal audit function by;A) The NYSE.;B) The Internal Revenue Service (IRS).;C) The stockholders.;D) The Board of Directors.;91) The person who is directly responsible;for all financial functions is the;A) Treasurer.;B) CEO.;C) CFO.;D) COO.;92) The person who is directly responsible;for the company's operations, such as research and development, production and;distribution is the;A) CFO.;B) Treasurer.;C) CEO.;D) COO.


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