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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;93) Describe the position of the CFO, the;treasurer, and the controller within the organization. Describe the main;functions of the treasurer and the controller.;94) The IMA suggests that members discuss;ethical dilemmas with the company's board of directors.;95) The IMA is the professional;association for managerial accountants.;96) The IMA issues the CMA designation.;97) Your company sends you to a conference;to update your skills. It is a violation of the professional competency and;integrity standards if you decide to skip the afternoon session and go;sightseeing.;98) The ethical principles and standards;of the IMA always give clear guidance for every ethical situation.;99) The "Ethics Hotline;provides specific resolutions (answers) to IMA members who face ethical;dilemmas.;100) Just because a behavior is legal does;not always mean it is ethical.


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