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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;108) Preparing financial statements in;accordance with GAAP is an example of;A) integrity.;B) competence.;C) credibility.;D) objectivity.;109) Communicating information fairly and;objectively is an example of which ethical standard?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Competence;D) Confidentiality;110) Performing duties in accordance with;relevant laws, regulations, and technical standards comprise the IMA;professional ethics standard of;A) credibility.;B) competence.;C) integrity.;D) confidentiality.;111) Inflating your expenses for a;company-sponsored conference is a violation of what ethical standard?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Competence;D) Confidentiality;112) To ensure a profit in the current;year a company ships out pre-ordered merchandise the last week of December;instead of in mid-January as the customer instructed. This early shipment could;be a violation of which ethical standard?;A) Confidentiality;B) Integrity;C) Competence;D) All of the above;113) What ethical standard is being;violated when you tell a friend that the company you work for is going to;report lower than expected earnings next week?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Confidentiality;D) Competence;114) An accountant who does not understand;accrual accounting" fails which ethical standard?;A) Credibility;B) Competence;C) Integrity;D) Confidentiality


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