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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;121) Which of the following is an example;of the IMA's confidentiality standard?;A) Provide decision support that is;accurate, clear, concise and timely.;B) Keep information confidential, except;when disclosure is legally required.;C) Communicate information fairly and;objectively.;D) Abstain from engaging in or supporting;any activity that might discredit the profession.;122) Which of the following is not;one of the IMA's credibility standards?;A) To disclose all relevant information;B) To disclose deficiencies in internal;control;C) To communicate information fairly and;objectively;D) All of the above are part of IMA's;credibility standard.;123) Which ethical standard is;demonstrated when you attend a class to maintain your professional knowledge?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Competence;D) Confidentiality;124) Not disclosing sensitive information;is an example of which ethical standard?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Competence;D) Confidentiality;125) Refusing gifts or favors that could;be perceived to influence your actions is an example of which ethical standard?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Confidentiality;D) Competence;126) Accepting a job that you know can be;better performed by someone else with the required skills would violate the;ethical conduct standard of;A) credibility.;B) integrity.;C) competency.;D) confidentiality.;127) It would be a violation of which;ethical standard to withhold relevant information?;A) Confidentiality;B) Competency;C) Integrity;D) Credibility


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