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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;128) Failure to mitigate a conflict of;interest would violate which ethical standard of conduct?;A) Credibility;B) Integrity;C) Competency;D) Confidentiality;129) Managerial accounting is becoming;less relevant as the U.S. economy shifts away from the manufacturing industry;towards the service industry.;130) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was designed;to hold corporations accountable for internal control and financial reporting;functions.;131) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has;significantly impacted the responsibility for financial reporting by publicly;traded corporations.;132) CPA firms cannot provide consulting;services for their current audit clients.;133) Trends in the modern business;environment include a shift to a service economy and the rise of the global;marketplace.;134) The concept of the lean thinking;philosophy is generally credited to General Motors.;135) Implementing a program to bill;customers electronically, therefore saving paper, is a green initiative that;would reduce not only waste, but also company costs.


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