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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;153) The "triple bottom line;focuses on these three factors that influence a firm's ability to survive and;thrive in the long run;A) people, places, things;B) profit, people, planet;C) profit, people, place;D) planet, profit, place;154) Under SOX, a CPA firm is permitted to;perform which of the following services for an audit client with pre-approval;from the client's audit committee?;A) Tax;B) Financial information design;C) Bookkeeping;D) Consulting;155) According to SOX, a company's;financial statements must be certified by the company's;A) CEO.;B) CFO.;C) Controller.;D) CFO and CEO.;156) A requirement of SOX is that publicly;traded companies must have which of the following assessed annually?;A) Financial reporting system;B) Internal control system;C) Internal control system and financial;reporting system;D) There is no annual assessment required;under SOX.;157) The SEC is considering the move to;adopt IFRS for which types of companies?;A) All U.S. companies;B) All U.S. publicly traded companies;C) All U.S. private companies;D) Only foreign companies operating in the;U.S.;158) IFRS stands for;A) Important Foreign Registering Systems.;B) International and Foreign Registering;Standards.;C) International and Foreign Reporting;Systems.;D) International Financial Reporting;Standards.;159) XBRL stands for;A) eXtensive Business Registering;Location.;B) eXtractable Business Reporting Location.;C) eXtensible Business Reporting Language.;D) eXisting Business Responsibility;Language.;160) In what year will XBRL be required;for all publicly traded companies?;A) 2017;B) 2015;C) 2011;D) 2010


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