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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;173) Which of the following is a software;system that integrates all of a company's departments?;A) ERP;B) Total Integrated Software;C) JIT;D) TQM;174) Companies that wish to demonstrate;their commitment to international quality standards may become certified by;what organization?;A) SEC;B) IFRS;C) IMA;D) ISO;175) Which of the following methods cuts;throughput time?;A) XBRL;B) IFRS;C) JIT;D) ISO;176) Which type of company utilizes;managerial accounting?;A) Service;B) Manufacturers;C) Retailers;D) All of the above;177) CPA firms are permitted to provide;which of the following services to audit clients?;A) Tax preparation;B) Information systems design;C) Consulting;D) Bookkeeping;178) The philosophy that centers on production;as needed is known as;A) Supply-chain management.;B) TQM.;C) ERP.;D) JIT.


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