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Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;1.1-8 Which;of the following is NOT one of the primary responsibilities of management?;A. Controlling;B. Decision-making;C. Adhering to GAAP;D. Directing;1.1-9 Planning;involves which of the following activities?;A. Setting goals and objectives for the company;B. Overseeing the company?s day-to-day;operations;C. Evaluating the results of operations;D. None of the above;1.1-10 When management compares the budget;to actual results, which of the following is being fulfilled?;A. Directing;B. Controlling;C. Decision-making;D. Planning;1.1-11 Which of the following management;responsibilities are being fulfilled when management uses feedback to take corrective action;on the budgets?;A. Directing and planning;B. Planning and decision-making;C.;Controlling and decision-making;D. Planning and controlling;1.1-12 Which;of the following management responsibilities is being fulfilled when management;decides to move production to another country to;lower costs?;A. Directing;B. Planning;C. Decision-making;D. All of the above;1.1-13 Which;one of the following manager responsibilities encompasses the other three?;A. Decision-making;B. Feedback;C. Planning;D. Controlling;1.1-14 Using;product cost information to determine sales prices is an example of;A. controlling, planning, and decision-making.;B. directing, controlling, and planning.;C. directing, planning, and decision-making.;D. controlling, directing, and planning.


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