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Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;1.3-11 Which;of the following certifications is issued by the IMA?;A. CPA;B. CMA;C. CIA;D. CFP;1.3-12 A;CFO would have all of the following responsibilities EXCEPT;A. preparing;all corporate tax returns.;B. managing;corporate financing.;C. providing;reports to creditors as required.;D. investing in;new equipment.;1.3-13 Who;typically manages the daily operations of a company?;A. Stockholders;B. The controller;C. The company?s board of directors;D. The CEO;1.3-14 Who;typically provides oversight for large corporations?;A. Stockholders;B. The CEO;C. The Board of Directors;D. The company president;1.3-15 The;vice-president of operations directly reports to which person(s)?;A. The CFO;B. The COO;C. The CEO;D. The Board of Directors;1.3-16 The;COO is responsible for managing which of the following aspect(s) of the;company?;A. Internal controls;B. The annual audit;C. Financial, managerial, and tax accounting;D. Research and development, production, and;distribution;1.3-17 Which;of the following report to the audit committee of the Board of Directors?;A. The treasurer and controller;B. The CFO and internal audit department;C. The internal audit department and the;independent CPA firm;D. The CFO and the independent CPA firm


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