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Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;1.3-18 Who;is primarily responsible for raising capital and investing funds?;A. The CEO;B. The CFO;C. The COO;D. The Treasurer;1.3-19 What;has been the determining factor in the way that we now view managerial;accountants?;A. Stricter audit standards;B. Stricter GAAP standards;C. Technology;D. None of the above;1.3-20 Managerial;accountants perform which of the following tasks?;A. Ensure financial records are correct;B. Help design information systems;C. Provide decision support;D. All of the above;1.3-21 Managerial;accountants may be responsible for;A. analyzing data.;B. communicating results.;C. providing decision support.;D. all of the above.;1.3-22 Which;of the following skills are required of managerial accountants?;A. The ability to work on a team;B. Analytical skills;C. Oral and written communication skills;D. All of the above;1.3-23 Which;would be a subgroup of the Board of Directors?;A. Audit committee;B. Financial committee;C. Managerial committee;D. Stockholders? committee;1.3-24 Which;person or group is NOT an employee of a corporation?;A. The CFO;B. A member of the audit committee;C. The Treasurer;D. The VP of manufacturing


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