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Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;1.5-31 Under;Sarbanes-Oxley, companies must have their internal audit procedures assessed;A. annually.;B. monthly.;C. quarterly.;D. at any time they choose.;1.5-32 Under;Sarbanes-Oxley, what is the maximum number of years of imprisonment for;knowingly destroying or creating documents to obstruct any federal;investigation?;A. 5 years;B. 10 years;C. 15 years;D. 20 years;1.5-33 Which;reflects a philosophy of providing customers with superior products and;services?;A. ERP;B. XBRL;C. TQM;D. IFRS;1.5-34 Which;of the following describes a system in which suppliers deliver materials at the;time they are needed?;A. ERP;B. JIT;C. TQM;D. ISO;1.5-35 ISO;9001:2008 is a(n);A. certification that a company complies with;international quality standards.;B. software system which integrates all;departments.;C. system where production occurs only when;needed.;D. effective exchange of information between;vendors and customers.;1.5-36 What;is the name given to software systems that can integrate all departments?;A. TQM;B. ERP;C. Total Integrated Software;D. JIT;1.5-37 E-commerce;refers to the;A. conduct of business on the internet.;B. exchange of information with customers and;suppliers.;C. production of superior goods and services.;D. quick delivery of goods and services.


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