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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;21. The;hierarchy and sequence of planning and decision-making is: mission;organizational strategy, tactics, and operational decisions.;True False;22. Strategy;includes both organizational and functional strategies.;True False;23. Organizational;strategy should be determined without considering the realities of functional;area strengths and weaknesses since they can be changed to meet our;strategy.;True False;24. Mission;statements should be as specific as possible regarding exactly how they will be;accomplished.;True False;25. Improving;efficiency will guarantee a similar improvement in productivity.;True False;26. As;long as we match a competitor on quality and price we will gain market;share.;True False;27. Environmental;scanning is a search for events or trends that present either threats or;opportunities to the organization.;True False;28. Standardization;has the advantage of reducing variability.;True False;29. Traditional;strategies of business organizations have tended to emphasize cost minimization;or product differentiation.;True False;30. The;majority of our textbook deals with tactical operations that support;established functional strategies.;True False


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