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Hopely I will get all the answer. I believe you...




Hopely I will get all the answer. I believe you guys. If I get all of the correct answer, I will take all my assignment to you. Then you will get more money^^ Thanks. Have a good night. I'm going to waiting for your reply. Sincerely, I'm taking Financial Planning class, the text book is "PFIN"-made by Gitman/Joehnk/Billingsley,Hi This is Jun. Are you still working on it? When wil you give back the paper for me? It supposed to finish today any time but just let me know how is your work?,HI Thanks for your all. I have one more question about the attachment. You answered all of the question but there are only one question you didn't answer. That is question #11 on the True/False 11. A U.S. citizen who does not have 40 quarters of covered earnings (on which F.I.C.A. tax is withheld) may still be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Is it True? or False?


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