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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;37. Competitiveness;doesn't include;A. Productivity;B. Effectiveness;C. Profitability;D. Operations Strategy;E. Operations Management;38. Product;design and choice of location are examples of _______ decisions.;A. strategic;B. tactical;C. operational;D. customer focused;E. design;39. Scheduling;personnel is an example of an operations management;A. mission implementation;B. operational decision;C. organizational strategy;D. functional strategy;E. tactical decision;40. Productivity;is expressed as;A. output plus input;B. output minus input;C. output times input;D. output divided by input;E. input divided by output;41. In;the 1970's and 1980's in the USA, organizations concentrated on;A. operations strategies;B. improving quality;C. marketing and financial strategies;D. revising mission statements;E. environmental issues;42. In;the past, a significant reason why U.S. productivity was the highest in the;world was high;A. agricultural productivity;B. manufacturing productivity;C. labor productivity;D. savings productivity;E. governmental productivity;43. Which;of the following is not a factor that affects productivity?;A. computer viruses;B. design of the workspace;C. use of the Internet;D. standardizing processes;E. wireless cellular phones;44. Which;of these factors affects productivity?;A. methods and technology;B. workers;C. management;D. a and b only;E. all of the above


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