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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;53. Which;of the following is considered to be a cause of poor U.S. global;competitiveness?;A. the tendency to view labor as a cost factor to be minimized;B. decision-making based on short-term horizons;C. weaknesses in technological practice;D. powerful trading partners;E. all of the above;54. Which;of the following is not typically considered a cure for poor;competitiveness?;A. remove communications barriers within organizations;B. minimize attention to the operations function;C. put less emphasis on short-term financial results;D. recognize labor as a valuable asset and act to develop it;E. improve quality;55. Time-based;approaches of business organizations focus on reducing the time to accomplish;certain necessary activities. Time reductions seldom apply to;A. product/service design time;B. processing time;C. delivery time;D. response time for complaints;E. internal audits;56. The;external elements of SWOT analysis are;A. strengths and weaknesses;B. strengths and threats;C. opportunities and threats;D. weaknesses and opportunities;E. strengths and opportunities;57. In;an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an;average of 450 standard dining chairs per 5-day week. What is the labor;productivity of this operation?;A. 90 chairs/worker/day;B. 20 chairs/worker/day;C. 15 chairs/worker/day;D. 75 chairs/worker/day;E. none of the above;58. Which;of the following is not a reason for poor performance of our organization in;the marketplace?;A. placing too much emphasis on product/service design and too little on;process design;B. failing to take into account customer wants and needs;C. putting too much emphasis on short-term financial performance;D. taking advantage of strengths/opportunities, and recognizing;competitive threats;E. none of the above;59. The;manager of a carpet store is trying to determine the best installation crew;size. He has tried various crew sizes with the results shown below. Based on;productivity, what crew size do you recommend?;A. 2;B. 3;C. 4;60. Which;of the following is not a key factor of competitiveness?;A. price;B. product differentiation;C. flexibility;D. after-sale service;E. size of organization


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