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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;61. Gourmet;Pretzels bakes soft pretzels on an assembly line. It currently bakes 800;pretzels each 8-hour shift. If the production is increased to 1,200 pretzels;each shift, then productivity will have increased by;A. 50%;B. 33%;C. 25%;D. 67%;62. The;weekly output of a fabrication process is shown below together with data for;labor and material inputs. Standard selling price is $125 per unit. Overhead is;charged weekly at the rate of $1,500 plus.5 times direct labor cost. Assume a;40-hour week and an hourly wage of $16. Material cost is $10 per foot. What is;the average multifactor productivity?;A. 1.463;B. 1.457;C. 1.431;63. The;Balanced Scorecard is a useful tool for helping managers translate their;strategy into action in the following areas;A. Sustainability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Technology;B. Customers, Financial, Internal Business Processes, Learning and Growth;C. Customization, Standardization, Efficiency, Effectiveness;D. The Environment, The Community, Suppliers, Other Stakeholders;E. Strategy, Tactics, Productivity, Profitability;64. A;firm pursuing a strategy based on customization and variety will tend to;structure and manage its supply chain to accommodate more _____________ than a;firm pursuing a strategy based on low-cost and high-volume.;A. Variation;B. Streamlined flow;C. Quality;D. Capacity;E. Productivity;65. Unique;attributes of firms that give them a competitive edge are called;A. Functional strategies;B. Balanced scorecards;C. Supply chains;D. Core competencies;E. Sustainable initiatives;66. Years;ago in the overnight delivery business, providing package tracking capability;gave some firms a competitive advantage. Now, all firms must offer this capability simply to be in;this line of business. This is an example of ______________ becoming;over time.;A. Tactical implications, strategic;B. Strategic implications, tactical;C. Order winners, order qualifiers;D. Profitability factors, productivity factors;E. Order qualifiers, order winners


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