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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;67. For;firms competing in worldwide markets, conducting __________________ is more;complex, since what works in one country or region might not work in;another.;A. Productivity analysis;B. Environmental analysis;C. Strategy implementation;D. Sustainability analysis;E. Growth forecasting;68. Increasing;the service offered to the customer makes it more difficult to compete on the;basis of ______.;A. order qualifiers;B. customization;C. quality;D. price;E. flexibility;69.;is generally used to facilitate an organization strategy that emphasizes low;cost.;A. Speed to market;B. Flexibility;C. Customization;D. Sustainability;E. None of the above;70. Which;of the following factors would tend to reduce productivity?;A. improvements in workplace safety;B. reductions in labor turnover;C. more inexperienced workers;D. reductions in the scrap rate;E. none of the above;71. Suppose;a country's productivity last year was 84. If this country's productivity;growth rate of 5% is to be maintained, this means that this year's productivity;will have to be _______.;A. 88.2;B. 79.8;C. 82.8;D. 78.9;E. 4.2


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