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Chapter 1 An Introduction to International Trade




Question;15);International trade;A);accounts for more than 90 percent of world economic activity.;B);is a relatively small (about 30 percent of world output) but growing part of;world economic;activity.;C);has been growing at about the same rate as the world economy.;D);Both A and C.;16);Which of the following statements about the United States was true as of 2007?;A);It was the world's largest exporter.;B);It had the world's largest deficit in its current account.;C);It had the world's largest surplus in its current account.;D);None of the above are true.;17);In the last 20 years, which of the following countries has experienced positive;economic;growth?;A);Russia.;B);Zimbabwe.;C);Haiti.;D);All of the above have seen their economies decline during this period.;Copyright;? 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.;18);Which of the following countries has experienced negative economic growth in;the last 20;years?;A);Zimbabwe.;B);Chad.;C);The United States.;D);China.


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