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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;21) The ancient;Greek physician Asclepius foreshadowed modern treatment for psychological;disorders in that he;A) founded;the first pharmacy that prescribed psychoactive medication for patients.;B) based his practice on the idea that;trephination, as an early medical intervention, was successful for most;disorders.;C) invented;the practice of placing patients in cool baths to relieve stress.;D) founded;the first sanctuary for mental disorders offering a variety of treatments.;22) Hippocrates;identified symptoms of abnormal behavior still recognized today by;psychologists. These symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, melancholia;and;A) avoidance.;B) mania.;C) tremors.;D) psychosis.;23) Felicia;believes that her cell phone is beginning to control her thoughts. She noticed;this after she switched phone plans and thinks the problem began with the new;service. This belief would typically be known as a;A) delusion.;B) hallucination.;C) hysterical;episode.;D) melancholic;thought.;24) In ancient Greece;hysteria was believed to be caused by;A) wandering;blood.;B) a;wandering brain.;C) a;wandering uterus.;D) wandering;bile.;25) Hippocrates;believed that maladaptive behaviors were caused by an imbalance in bodily;humors that originated either with physical factors or;A) demonic;possession.;B) the;wrath of the gods.;C) a;shifting of lunar tides.;D) a;change in the seasons.;26) In medieval Europe, mental illness was thought to be caused by;A) retribution;from the gods.;B) evil;or demonic spirits.;C) a;wandering uterus.;D) a;dysfunctional family.;27) A recent news;story describes an unusual condition found among females at a local high;school. After eating frozen yogurt from their cafeteria, a number of girls have;begun to ?spin wildly? throughout the lunchroom until being restrained by a;faculty hall monitor. Immediately after being stopped, each girl reported;feeling compelled to ?spin? after eating. The number of girls involved in these;incidents increased until the yogurt machine was removed from the cafeteria. In;all probability, this behavior can be considered an episode of;A) mass-induced;mania.;B) mass;hysteria.;C) demonic;possession.;D) emotional;dysplasia.


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