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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;35) Which of the;following statements about Josef Breuer?s approach to the case of Anna O. is;TRUE?;A) He recognized that Anna?s difficulty moving;her legs was due to general paresis, so he treated her with medication.;B) Breuer believed that only psychoanalysis would;help cure the hysteria manifested by Anna.;C) He believed that the animal magnetism concept;could be effective if the patient had faith in the placebo effect.;D) Breuer believed that hypnosis could have a;beneficial effect by allowing Anna to discuss events and experiences relevant;to the disorder.;36) Jeffrey?s;therapist is conducting an initial interview with him. The therapist spends a;lot of time asking questions about Jeffrey?s parents and his early life;experiences. Since he seems to view Jeffrey?s parents as the ?root cause? of;his problems, this therapist is most likely oriented toward ____________.;A) psychoanalysis;B) humanism;C) behaviorism;D) behavioral;genetics;37) According to;Freud?s theory, the id is;A) the;source of basic drives and of psychic energy.;B) capable;of delaying gratification through its conscience.;C) controlled;by the superego but not by the ego.;D) located;at the conscious level of awareness.;38) Raul is a;college freshman who looks forward to weekend parties at college. He especially;likes to play ?beer pong? and is known on campus as a champion player. After a;recent party, Raul received a DUI citation. Raul?s parents have urged him to;seek treatment for his ?alcohol problem,? but Raul refuses. He does not believe;he has a drinking problem. In Freud?s theory, which of the following defense;mechanisms is Raul likely using?;A) Intellectualization;B) Rationalization;C) Denial;D) Repression;39) During which;of the following psychosexual stages does a child experience fantasies about;the opposite-sex parent?;A) Genital;Stage;B) Anal;Stage;C) Oral;Stage;D) Phallic;Stage;40) Which of the;following is a technique that Freud used for treatment?;A) undoing;B) regression;C) interpretation;D) sublimation


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