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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;41) According to;Freud, which of the following was critical to overcoming psychological;difficulties?;A) Empathy;B) Hypnosis;C) Insight;D) Regression;42) In the;classical conditioning paradigm demonstrated by Pavlov through his study of the;physiology of dog digestion, what was the UCS?;A) Bell;B) Food;powder;C) Pavlov;D) Salivating;43) In Pavlov?s;experiment with dogs, classical conditioning was demonstrated when;A) the;UCS elicited the CR.;B) the;UCS elicited the UCR.;C) the;CS elicited the CR.;D) the;CS was paired with the UCS.;44) John B.;Watson, the founder of behaviorism, maintained that;A) fear;was an instinctive and unlearned response in children.;B) all;behaviors were learned through exposure to the environment.;C) inner;thoughts were acceptable behaviors for scientific study.;D) behavior;was conditioned through operant reinforcement.;45) If a;psychologist defines herself as a ?scientist-practitioner,? what do we;automatically know about her through this label?;A) She;is focused on pure research and practices sound methodological principles.;B) She relies on the latest research findings in;providing quality care and treatment to patients.;C) She takes a behavioral approach, only trying;to change dysfunctional behaviors that are observable.;D) She is not focused on the etiology of a;disorder but on a research-based treatment approach.;46) Neurons;release neurotransmitters into synapses. These neurotransmitters;A) land;on the receptor site of the next neuron, causing it to fire.;B) block;further messages from being sent to the next neuron.;C) land;on an axon, causing it to fire and send an electrical impulse.;D) establish;a permanent link between one nerve cell and the next.


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