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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;47) Biological;scarring, as seen in some disorders such as PTSD, demonstrates that;A) the;brain is capable of healing itself after a trauma.;B) the;brain may change as a result of the disorder.;C) genetics;plays a vital role in vulnerability to a disorder.;D) brain;plasticity is not possible after trauma.;48) Which of the;following statements about the viral infection theory as it relates to the;development of psychological disorders is TRUE?;A) Viral infections do not cause changes in the;brain that lead to later behavioral disturbances.;B) There is no relationship between viral;infection and psychological disturbances.;C) Viral infections do not lead to psychological;disturbances through immune system suppression.;D) Viral infections may take several pathways in;producing disordered behavior.;49) Freud and his;successor, Carl Jung, had fundamental disagreements about the motivation for;behavior. While Freud thought that past events and sexual impulses were;important, Jung believed that;A) future;goals and spiritual motivators may cause behavior.;B) past;events and sexual and spiritual motivators were important.;C) present;events and spiritual motivators cause behavior.;D) birth;order was the most important determinant.;50) Object;relations theory proposes that people have a basic drive for;A) dominating;others.;B) satisfying;sexual instincts.;C) engaging;in social interactions.;D) spiritual;development.;51) Dr. Barstow is;treating a young man who is afraid of dogs. One method he uses is progressive;muscle relaxation using vivid imagery. Once the patient is relaxed, Dr. Barstow;introduces the patient to a picture of a dog with instructions to ?Breathe;deeply and remain calm and relaxed.?;Which learning principle established by Wolpe is being employed in this;example?;A) Mindfulness;B) Negative;reinforcement;C) Backward;chaining;D) Reciprocal;inhibition;52) In operant;conditioning, a reinforcer serves to _______ a behavior it follows.;A) extinguish;B) weaken;C) strengthen;D) diminish


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