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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;65) Gender roles;directly affect the ______ of abnormal behaviors.;A) expression;B) cause;C) severity;D) chronicity;66) The social;learning model of behavioral acquisition proposes that;A) only;behaviors in a social context are reinforced.;B) punishment;is only effective in producing learning in humans.;C) a;person does not actually have to do the behavior to learn it.;D) humans;are motivated more by primary reinforcers than secondary reinforcers.;67) Which of the;following statements about women and abnormal behavior within a sociocultural;context is TRUE?;A) Biological factors affect rates of mental;illness for women around the world regardless of contextual factors.;B) Socioeconomic status is unrelated to rates of;mental illness for women.;C) Some contextual factors place women at higher;risk for psychological disorders.;D) Gender role expectations do not influence the;development of abnormal behaviors.;68) Familismo, a;concept common in Latino culture is defined as;A) pathological;relationships between family members.;B) cold;distance patterns of communication between family members.;C) the;centrality of, and obligation to, family over self and peers.;D) traditional;family roles where the men hold more power than women.;69) Latino youths;born in the U.S.;are ________ as likely to attempt suicide as foreign-born Latino youths.;A) two;times;B) three;times;C) four;times;D) five;times;70) Which of the;following is a value emphasized by mainstream U.S. teen culture?;A) Collectivism;B) Familism;C) Peer relationships;D) Close living proximity to family


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