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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;71) Which of the;following statements is TRUE?;A) Modern;psychologists believe that psychopathology is physiologically based.;B) Abnormal;behavior may be best understood using a single theoretical framework.;C) Understanding;abnormal behaviors requires an integration of models.;D) Sociocultural;factors are the best explanation for disordered behavior.;72) The;diathesis-stress model of abnormal behavior assumes that;A) a person who has a genetic predisposition for;a disorder will exhibit the disorder at some point in time.;B) biological and environmental factors interact;to determine the likelihood that a person will exhibit abnormal behavior.;C) a ?diathesis? from the environment interacts;with biological influences to produce disordered behavior.;D) stress causes physiological changes that lead;to disruptions in environmental supports.;73) The;biopsychosocial perspective, compared with the perspectives of Freud, Jung, and;Rogers;A) focuses;on early developments as the diathesis.;B) adequately;explains all disorders.;C) is;broader than the other models.;D) assumes;the nature of man to be good.;74) Having a;biological predisposition for a disorder means that a person;A) will;develop the full syndrome over the life span.;B) has;increased vulnerability to developing a disorder.;C) will;only develop a partial manifestation of the problem behavior.;D) has;a genetic mutation for the disorder.;75) This model of;abnormal behavior acknowledges an interaction between biological;psychological, and social factors in the development of mental health;disorders.;A) biological model;B) sociocultural model;C) biopsychosocial model;D) psychological model;76) Mario has just;returned from his third deployment to Iraq. For several months after;returning, he is unable to sleep and has difficulty dealing with flashbacks of;mortar fire over the compound in which he worked. Using a biopsychosocial;model, we might explain his problems as deriving from;A) the;stress of deployment alone.;B) a;diathesis, as well as the stress of deployment.;C) a;lack of social support.;D) a;failure in coping alone.


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