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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;77) In considering;whether a behavior is abnormal or normal, one must consider the context in;which the behavior occurs.;78) Defining;?abnormal? as being ?away from normal? is circular.;79) A woman from Ecuador dresses colorfully and makes eye contact;with others in church, while another woman from Japan dresses in quieter colors and;does not make eye contact. This is an example of culture-bound syndrome.;80) Most people;with psychological disorders do not engage in dangerous behavior.;81) Women and men;experience the same rates of mental illness across all categories of disorders;in the DSM-5.;82) Symptoms of a;given disorder may change as the person matures.;83) Hippocrates;was the earliest person thought to have attempted to classify abnormal;behavior.;84) Hippocrates;believed that hysteria only occurred in women.


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