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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;85) The effect of;a placebo on changing behavior or how one feels is usually temporary.;86) Freud believed;that the early years of life had little impact on a person?s behavior but that;a person?s inner life and conflicts determined psychological adjustment.;87) Freud called;catharsis the ?royal road to the unconscious.?;88) Ego;psychology, as opposed to psychoanalytic theory, focuses on conscious;motivations and healthy functioning.;89) The use of a;hierarchy for systematic desensitization is founded on the operant conditioning;work of B. F. Skinner.;90) People need to;actually perform a behavior to learn through vicarious reinforcement.;91) The cognitive;model views the negative thoughts often present with depression to be a result;of disordered thinking.;92) There is no;single model of abnormal behavior that explains the nature and causes of all;disorders.


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