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Abnormal Psychology: Historical and Modern Perspectives




Question;93) Modern;scientists have moved away from trying to reduce all behavior to one single;explanation.;94) The;biopsychosocial model of abnormal behavior proposes that biology alone is;usually at the root of disordered behavior.;95) As a recent;graduate of a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology, you have been schooled in;the latest research in abnormal psychology. If you were trained in a model that;evaluates multiple causes contributing to abnormality, you would most likely be;labeled a strict behaviorist.;Essay;Student;answers will vary but should include elements of the suggested answers given;below.;96) ?Being;different is not the equivalent of being psychologically abnormal.? Evaluate;this statement, providing support for your position.;97) Give an;example of a behavior that may be perceived as normal or abnormal according to;the ?goodness-of-fit? model.;98) Explain how;development and maturity influence our perceptions of the normality of a given;behavior..;99) Explain how developmental;maturity has an impact on psychological disorders.


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