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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;49) Which of the following statements is true?;A) Managerial accounting reports aid;potential investors.;B) Managerial accounting reports must;follow GAAP.;C) Managerial accounting reports are;audited by CPAs.;D) Managerial accounting reports provide;detailed internal information.;50) Which of the following are the internal;decision-makers of a company?;A) Vendors;B) Managers;C) Shareholders;D) Customers;51) Which one of the following reports is;most likely to be required to be audited by an outside entity?;A) Monthly financial statements;B) Annual financial budgets;C) Annual financial statements;D) All of the above;52) Which of the following groups are;external users of financial information?;A) Customers of the company;B) Potential investors of the company;C) Vendors of the company;D) All of the above;53) A company's budget information is most;likely to be used by which of the following groups?;A) Suppliers;B) Creditors;C) Customers;D) Managers;54) ________ are a company's decision;makers.;A) Shareholders;B) Managers;C) Customers;D) Creditors;55) ________ are owners of a company.;A) Customers;B) Shareholders;C) Creditors;D) Managers;56) External parties receive information;about past performance from;A) planning reports.;B) budget reports.;C) financial accounting reports.;D) managerial accounting reports.


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