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Chapter 1 Introduction to Managerial Accounting




Question;70) Managerial accountants only need a solid;understanding of managerial accounting, and not financial accounting.;71) What position is typically responsible;for financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax reporting?;A) Controller;B) Treasurer;C) CFO;D) Audit committee;72) Despite the proliferation of;technology, managerial accountants are still needed to provide professional judgment;in which of the following areas?;A) Recording non-routine transactions;B) Adjusting the financial records;C) Designing computer information systems;D) All of the about activities require;professional judgment;73) The IMA issues which of the following;certifications?;A) CMA;B) CIA;C) CFP;D) CPA;74) A CFO would have all of the following;responsibilities except;A) investing in new production equipment.;B) managing corporate financing.;C) preparing all corporate tax returns.;D) providing reports to creditors as;required.;75) Which of the following positions;typically manages the daily operations of a company?;A) The controller;B) The CEO;C) The board of directors;D) The stockholders;76) Oversight and strategy formulation and;guidance for a large corporation are typically provided by which of the;following positions?;A) The CEO;B) The company president;C) The stockholders;D) The Board of Directors;77) To whom would the vice-president of;operations typically directly report?;A) The COO;B) The Board of Directors;C) The CFO;D) The CEO


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