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Chapter 1 Introduction




Question;1. Foreign direct investment means that a firm;is investing assets directly into a foreign country?s buildings, equipment, or;organizations.;2. The greater the level of standardization in;operations, both within and across markets, the greater is the possibility of;global efficiency.;3. Google locates its computer-server farms;close to wind farms that produce power because it is one of the cheapest;sources of electricity.;4. Globalization is fueled largely by;declining trade and investment barriers and new technologies, such as the;Internet.;5. The flat-world view is largely credited to;Milton Friedman.;6. Many people consider globalization a modern;phenomenon, but according to Friedman, this is its third stage.;7. The first stage of global development, what;Friedman calls ?Globalization 1.0,? was characterized by how much industrial;power countries could produce and apply.;8. The second stage of global development;began with advances in global electronic interconnectivity that allowed;individuals to communicate as never before.;9. Open-sourcing refers to providing basic;software online for free.;10. Work-flow software ensures that complex;projects with more interdependent parts can be worked on collaboratively from;anywhere.;11. The ?Common good approach? refers tothe action that contributes the most;to the quality of life of the people affected.;12. Social and natural science can provide;important data to help us make better ethical choices.;13. Ethics is the same as following culturally;accepted norms.


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