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Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Microbiology




Question;25);Hydrogen bonds are found in all of the following EXCEPT;A);between phosphates in ATP.;B);in?-helices.;C);between water molecules.;D);in the DNA double helix between nucleotides.;E);between the R groups of amino acids in proteins.;26);Tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins involves __________ bonds.;A);hydrogen;B);ionic;C);polar covalent;D);nonpolar covalent;E);ionic, hydrogen, polar, and nonpolar covalent;27);Which of the following are examples of pyrimidines?;A);uracil and adenine;B);cytosine and guanine;C);thymine and adenine;D);thymine and guanine;E);cytosine and thymine;28);All of the following bases are found in RNA molecules EXCEPT;A);adenine.;B);thymine.;C);uracil.;D);cytosine.;E);guanine.;29);The "spine" of the DNA molecule is composed of;A);amino acids.;B);pentoses.;C);phosphates.;D);nitrogenous bases.;E);alternating phosphates and pentoses.;30);Which of the following would NOT normally be found as a component of a cell's;nucleic acids?;A);adenine deoxyribonucleotides;B);thymine deoxyribonucleotides;C);uracil deoxyribonucleotides;D);cytosine ribonucleotides;E);adenine ribonucleotides;31);All of the following are associated with ATP molecules EXCEPT;A);a long-term energy supply.;B);high-energy bonds.;C);a recyclable energy supply.;D);formation of coenzymes.;E);three phosphate groups.;32);Which of the following statements concerning nucleic acids is FALSE?;A);Nucleic acid strands are held together by hydrogen bonds between complementary;bases.;B);Not all DNA is double stranded.;C);Some viruses have DNA as their genomes.;D);The nucleic acid polymer is composed of peptide bonds.;E);Cytosine is found in all nucleic acid molecules.


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