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Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Microbiology




Question;33);Which of the following is an incorrect;pairing?;A);primary structure: amino acid sequence;B);secondary structure: disulfide bridges;C);tertiary structure: covalent bonds;D);quaternary structure: two or more polypeptides;E);secondary structure:?-pleated sheets;34);Proteins contain both acidic and basic R groups, and can therefore function as;A);energy storage macromolecules.;B);structural macromolecules.;C);buffers.;D);catalysts.;E);genetic material.;35);An increase in the pH of a solution by 2 whole numbers represents a change in;the number of hydrogen ions by what factor?;A);2;B);20;C);1000;D);10;E);100;36);Plant cell walls are composed of __________ held together by __________.;A);polysaccharides, hydrogen bonds;B);amino acids, peptide bonds;C);disaccharides, hydrophobic interactions;D);fatty acids, polar covalent bonds;E);peptidoglycan, ionic bonds;37);The presence of __________ in the cell wall of a microbe causes it to be;resistant to drying.;A);fats;B);phospholipids;C);sterols;D);glycolipids;E);waxes;38);Some __________ are used as hormones.;A);phospholipids;B);waxes;C);steroids;D);ions;E);polyunsaturated fats;39);Lipids found in the membranes of all eukaryotic cells are;A);polyunsaturated fats.;B);phospholipids.;C);steroids.;D);waxes.;E);triglycerides.;40);A protein is a __________ of amino acids.;A);monomer;B);polymer;C);bilayer;D);solution;E);decomposition product


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