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Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Microbiology




Question;1);The smallest chemical units of matter are elements.;2);The side groups of amino acids can interact with each other and with other;molecules.;3);Monosaccharides are usually found in cyclic forms.;4);The electron shells of atoms hold eight electrons each.;5);Hydrogen bonds are stronger then covalent bonds.;6);Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.;7);Denaturation of a protein is always permanent.;8);The long-term chemical energy storage molecules in plants are triglycerides.;9);One of the products of dehydration synthesis reactions is water.;10);Salts are produced from exchange reactions in which acids and bases neutralize;each other.;2.3 Short Answer Questions;1);Another name for a unit of atomic mass is a(n) __________.;2);Prokaryotes that grow best under acidic conditions are called __________.


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