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Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Microbiology




Question;3);Cell surface markers composed of both carbohydrate and lipid molecules are;known as __________.;4);Molecules such as amino acids that have identical atoms and functional groups;but are mirror images of each other, are;5);A chemical reaction in which a water molecule is a reactant is known as a(n);reaction.;6);A(n) __________ is a molecule that binds with hydrogen ions when it is;dissolved in water.;7);The folding of a polypeptide into a three-dimensional shape is its;structure.;8);The DNA double helix is held together by __________ bonds.;9);A six-carbon sugar is called a(n) __________.;10);A(n) __________ is any molecule that speeds up a chemical reaction.;11);The monomer of a nucleic acid is called a(n) __________.;12);A chemical reaction that traps energy within newly formed chemical bonds is;a(n) __________ reaction.;13);A(n) __________ is a substance that maintains the pH even when the amounts of;acid and/or base are changing.;14);The sum of all the chemical reactions within an organism is referred to as its


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