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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;1. An;example of a strategic operations management decision is the choice of where to;locate.;True False;2. An;example of an operational operations management decision is inventory level;management.;True False;3. Government;statistics are a good source of data about productivity trends in the service;sector.;True False;4. An;example of a tactical operations management decision is determining employment;levels.;True False;5. Productivity;is defined as the ratio of output to input.;True False;6. Productivity;is defined as the ratio of input to output.;True False;7. Competitiveness;relates to the profitability of an organization in the marketplace.;True False;8. If;people would only work harder, productivity would increase.;True False;9. Tracking;productivity measures over time enables managers to judge organizational;performance and decide where improvements are needed.;True False;10. Productivity;is directly related to the ability of an organization to compete.;True False


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