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Chapter 02 Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity




Question;11. A;characteristic that was once an order winner may become an order qualifier, and;vice versa.;True False;12. Outsourcing;tends to improve quality but at the cost of lowered productivity.;True False;13. Productivity;tends to be only a very minor factor in an organization's ability to;compete.;True False;14. An;organization that is twice as productive as its competitor will be twice as;profitable.;True False;15. National;productivity is determined by averaging the productivity measures of various;companies or industries.;True False;16. Wage;and salary increases that are not accompanied by productivity increases tend to;exert inflationary pressures on a nation's economy.;True False;17. Global;competition really only applies to multi-national organizations.;True False;18. A;business that is rated highly by its customers for service quality will tend to;be more profitable than a business that is rated poorly.;True False;19. Services;often don't fit simple yield measurements.;True False;20. A;mission statement should provide a guide for the formulation of strategies for;the organization.;True False


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