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Chapter 1 Introduction




Question;1. _____ refers to the shift toward a more;interdependent and integrated global economy.;SWOT;Globalization;Entrepreneurship;Strategic management;Intrapreneurship;2. _____ refers to the cross-border exchanges;of goods, services, or resources between two or more nations.;Strategic management;International business;Intrapreneurship;Entrepreneurship;SWOT;3. The SWOT tool helps one to take stock of;the marketing expenditure of an organization.;the strategies that are implemented by an;organization.;c.;an;organization?s external characteristics only.;an organization?s external and internal;characteristics.;e.;an;organization?s internal characteristics only.;4. _____ is the body of knowledge that answers;questions about the development and implementation of good strategies.;Entrepreneurship;Strategic management;SWOT;Intrapreneurship;Strategy;5. _____ is defined as the recognition of;opportunities and the use of resources to implement innovative ideas for new;thoughtfully planned ventures.;SWOT;Entrepreneurship;Intrapreneurship;Globalization;Strategic management;6. _____ refers to developing a new product or;service in an already existing business.;Entrepreneurship;Strategic management;SWOT;Globalization;Intrapreneurship;7. The ideas of entrepreneurship can be;applied to;only existing organizations.;only new ventures.;ventures, old and new.;only private enterprises.;governments only.;8. Strategic management is concerned with the;social performance of an organization.;environmental performance of an;organization.;economic performance of an;organization.;generation of human capital for an;organization.;overall performance of the;organization.;9. _____ refers to a technique used to;identify and assess the importance of key people, groups of people, or;institutions that may significantly influence the success of a project or;business.;Entrepreneurship;Strategic management;SWOT;Stakeholder analysis;Intrapreneurship


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