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Chapter 02 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments




Question;67.;The ____ is an;example of a U.S. index of small firms.;A.;S&P 500;B.;DJIA;C.;DAX;D.;Russell 2000;E.;All of the;options;68.;The largest;component of the money market is;A.;repurchase;agreements.;B.;money market;mutual funds.;C.;T-bills.;D.;Eurodollars.;E.;savings;deposits.;69.;Certificates of;deposit are insured by the;A.;SPIC.;B.;CFTC.;C.;Lloyds of;London.;D.;FDIC.;E.;All of the;options;70.;Certificates of;deposit are insured for up to ____________ in the event of bank;insolvency.;A.;$10,000;B.;$100,000;C.;$250,000;D.;$500,000;71.;The maximum maturity;of commercial paper that can be issued without SEC registration is;A.;270 days.;B.;180 days.;C.;90 days.;D.;30 days.;72.;Which of the;following is used extensively in foreign trade when the creditworthiness of;one trader is unknown to the trading partner?;A.;Repos;B.;Bankers;acceptances;C.;Eurodollars;D.;Federal funds


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