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Chapter 02 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments




Question;73.;A U.S.;dollar-denominated bond that is sold in Singapore is a;A.;Eurobond.;B.;Yankee bond.;C.;Samurai bond.;D.;Bulldog bond.;74.;A municipal bond;issued to finance an airport, hospital, turnpike, or port authority is;typically a;A.;revenue bond.;B.;general;obligation bond.;C.;industrial;development bond.;D.;revenue bond;or general obligation bond.;75.;Unsecured bonds are;called;A.;junk bonds.;B.;debentures.;C.;indentures.;D.;subordinated;debentures.;E.;either;debentures or subordinated debentures.;76.;A bond that can be;retired prior to maturity by the issuer is a(an) ____________ bond.;A.;convertible;B.;secured;C.;unsecured;D.;callable;E.;Yankee;77.;Corporations can;exclude ____________% of the dividends received from preferred stock from;taxes.;A.;50;B.;70;C.;20;D.;15;E.;62;78.;You purchased a;futures contract on corn at a futures price of 350, and at the time of;expiration the price was 352. What was your profit or loss?;A.;$2.00;B.;-$2.00;C.;$100;D.;-$100


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