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Chapter 2: Management Learning Past to Present




Question;1.;The;principles of scientific management were proposed by Frederick Taylor.;2.;Coordination;refers to providing and mobilizing resources to implement the plan.;3.;Henri;Fayol believed that management could be taught.;4.;Time;study is the science of reducing a task to its basic physical motions.;5.;Formal;rules and procedures are defining characteristics of Weber?s bureaucratic;organization.;6.;The;disadvantage of administrative principles is that it includes excessive;paperwork.;7.;The;behavioral approaches assume that people are social and self-actualizing;enjoying social relationships, responding to group pressures, and searching for;personal fulfillment.;8.;After;a series of scientific tests, Elton Mayo concluded that new ?social setting? created;for workers in the test room decreased the productivity of theemployees.


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