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Chapter 2: Management Learning Past to Present




Question;1.;is to complete a plan of action for the future.;A.;Foresight;B.;Organization;C.;Command;D.;Coordination;E.;Control;2.;Which;of the following best defines organization?;A.;To;complete a plan of action for the future;B.;To;provide and mobilize resources to implement the plan;C.;To;lead, select, and evaluate workers to get the best work toward the plan;D.;To;fit diverse efforts together and to ensure information is shared and problems;solved;E.;To;make sure things happen according to plan and to take necessary corrective;action;3.;is to lead, select, and evaluate workers to get the best work toward the plan.;A.;Foresight;B.;Organization;C.;Command;D.;Coordination;E.;Control;4.;The;manager of a company fits diverse efforts together. He ensures that information;is shared and problems are solved. Which of the following management functions;is he performing?;A.;Foresight;B.;Organization;C.;Command;D.;Coordination;E.;Control;5.;In;a fresh juice manufacturing plant, the production team manufactures 2000;bottles of juice per day, while the sales team sells only 1700 bottles per day.;Since the product is perishable, the extra output incurs losses to the company.;Hence, the manager intervenes and sets a common standard for both the teams.;Which of the following management duties is the manager performing?;A.;Control;B.;Foresight;C.;Coordination;D.;Organization;E.;Command;6.;is to make sure things happen according to plan and to take necessary;corrective action.;A.;Foresight;B.;Organization;C.;Command;D.;Coordination;E.;Control;7.;A;manager employs 5 workers to produce a total of 36 units of a product per day.;He soon realizes that the workers are able to produce only 30 units a day. He;then employs an additional worker to meet the set target. Which of the;following duties of management is he performing while taking the corrective;action?;A.;Foresight;B.;Organization;C.;Command;D.;Coordination;E.;Control;8.;Which;of the following is true of the scalar chain principle?;A.;Each;person should receive orders from only one boss.;B.;One;person should be in charge of all activities that have the same performance;objective.;C.;There;should be a clear and unbroken line of communication from the top to the bottom;in the organization.;D.;Guidelines;must be written and kept for historical record.;E.;Workers;should be selected and promoted on ability, competency, and performance.


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