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Chapter 2: Management Learning Past to Present




Question;1.;Mark;an employee of CBZ Ltd., earns a good compensation, has a good house, a stable;job, a family, and close friends. He is recognized as a good manager, is;respected by his subordinates, and has mastered his managerial skills. His;company offers to pay his house rent if he negotiates a deal with a particular;client. This offer fails to motivate him. Which of the following principles;explains Mark?s behavior?;A.;Progression;principle;B.;Principle;of motion study;C.;Deficit;principle;D.;Hawthorne effect;E.;Self-fulfilling;prophecy;2.;Which;of the following management theories is based on the deficit principle and the;progression principle?;A.;Administrative;principles;B.;Maslow?s;theory of human needs;C.;Scientific;management;D.;Hawthorne studies;E.;Theory;X and Theory Y;3.;Which;of the following refer to the lowest needs in Maslow?s hierarchy of human;needs?;A.;Esteem;needs;B.;Self-actualization;needs;C.;Social;needs;D.;Safety;needs;E.;Physiological;needs;4.;The;progression principle states that;A.;a;need is activated only when the next-lower-level need is satisfied.;B.;people;dislike work, lack ambition, act irresponsibly, and prefer to be led.;C.;people;are willing to work, like responsibility, and are self-directed and creative.;D.;people;at work rationally consider opportunities made available to them and do;whatever is necessary to achieve the greatest personal and monetary gain.;E.;a;satisfied need does not motivate behavior.;5.;Sheldon;works in a company where he gets minimum wages. He does not have sufficient;money to pay his medical bills. His manager offers to award him with the ?Best;worker certificate? if he increases his productivity. This offer fails to;motivate him. Which of the following explains Sheldon?s behavior?;A.;Progression;principle;B.;Principle;of motion study;C.;Deficit;principle;D.;Hawthorne effect;E.;Self-fulfilling;prophecy;6.;Recognition;is an example of;A.;safety;needs.;B.;esteem;needs.;C.;self-actualization;needs.;D.;physiological;needs.;E.;social;needs.;7.;Which;of the following matches correctly?;A.;Affection?Esteem;needs;B.;Protection?Self-actualization;needs;C.;Prestige?Safety;needs;D.;Physical;well-being?Physiological needs;E.;Mastery?Social;needs;8.;Which;of the following is an example of a self-actualization need?;A.;Need;for self-fulfillment;B.;Mastery;C.;Affection;D.;Protection;E.;Physical;well-being


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