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Chapter 2: Management Learning Past to Present




Question;1.;The;CEO of a company has a good compensation, a house, a family and lots of;friends. He is respected by his employees and is recognized as an efficient;manager. Now he wants to start his own company. Which of the following needs is;he responding to?;A.;Social;needs;B.;Esteem;needs;C.;Physiological;needs;D.;Self-actualization;needs;E.;Safety;needs;2.;The;worker of a company earns a wage that gives him good food, water, and good;health. He also has a good house to live in. According to the progression;principle, which of the following needs is most likely to motivate him next?;A.;Recognition;B.;Mastery;C.;Protection;D.;Self-fulfillment;E.;Affection;3.;The;worker of a company is motivated by the need for security, protection, and;stability in the events of day-to-day life. According to the progression;principle, which of the following needs has already been satisfied?;A.;Recognition;B.;Physical;well-being;C.;Affection;D.;Mastery;E.;Self-fulfillment;4.;At;the level of ________ needs, the deficit and progression principles cease to;operate.;A.;self-actualization;B.;social;C.;safety;D.;esteem;E.;physiological;5.;Mary;is the manager of Peace, an international campaigning organization where;volunteers work without being paid. Which of the following needs should Mary;focus on to increase the productivity of the volunteers?;A.;Physical;well-being;B.;Safety;C.;Respect;D.;Biological;maintenance;E.;Protection;6.;According;to Theory X;A.;people;are social and self-actualizing.;B.;a;satisfied need does not motivate behavior.;C.;people;at work rationally consider opportunities made available to them.;D.;a;need is activated only when the next-lower-level need is satisfied.;E.;people;dislike work, lack ambition, act irresponsibly, and prefer to be led.


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