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Chapter 2 How Psychologists Do Research




Question;19. A;researcher wished to study the relationship between high school grades and;college grades. Of the following;research methods, which would be the most appropriate?;a. case study;b. correlation;c. experiment;d. survey;20. A;correlation of.00 means;a. you made a mistake in calculation.;b. you did not find out anything about the;relationship between the two variables.;c. the two variables are unrelated.;d. everyone who scored low on one variable scored;high on the other variable, and vice versa.;21. The;greatest disadvantage of correlation is;a. it has a limited range of values, being only -1;to +1.;b. it does not enable cause-and-effect conclusions.;c. its value can be negative.;d. its value can be zero.;22. A;correlation tells us;a. whether a cause-effect relationship exists.;b. whether two variables are related;c. whether or not a test is efficient.;d. if people are responding to demand;characteristics.;23. A;psychologist uses the correlational method to _________.;a. explain the effects of one variable on another;b. compare two groups of subjects;c. determine what causes a variable to change;d. identify relationships between variables;24. The;survey method of research is ___________ in nature.;a. correlational;b. experimental;c. field experimental;d. both correlational and field experimental group;25. As;children grow older, their discretionary income usually increases. The best conclusion to draw about the variables;age and income are that they are;a. causally related;b. uncorrelated;c. negatively correlated;d. positively correlated


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